What I find especially successful about this campaign is a combination of well thought-out factors. One, the casting couldn’t have been more spot on. Dean Winters—from shows like Oz and 30 Rock—really epitomizes the Mayhem persona. He wears a suit but looks like he just got out of a bar fight. He’s calm and straightforward about the destruction he causes and that matter-of-factness really hits home—especially when Winters literally hits homes. Or cars. Or motorcycles.


From July 14-17, the Order of Architects in Torino organized the 2011 Architettura in Città Festival. Art, cinema, theater, dance, literature, photography and music dialogue with architecture, design and the city, through projects by over 50 cultural organizations from Torino and its province. 
We took care of the mounting for the Infopoint at the majestic Bertalazone di San Fermo Palace in central Torino. The graphic project was curated by Lorem – LOREM – Graphic Design and Communication under the supervision of HOUSEDADA, reproducing amongst other things the festival’s logo in anamorph technique. 
Truly design is amongst the initiative’s technical sponsors.